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How Price.Club works

Price.Club is a membership based platform/app which provides free and premium members with various privileges, such as discounts, coupons, cashback and more. Released on Feb. 2020, and starting with AliExpress, Price.Club will cooperate with more and more partners in ecommerce, travel and lifestyle.

How do I sign up a Price.Club account

Open Google Play or App Store on your mobile phone, search "Price.Club" to download and install the app. You can sign up in one click with Google, Facebook or Apple.

If you're not able to login, please kindly email to our customer service at Customer-Service@myPrice.Club, we're happy to help.

Will Price.Club send me email or app notifications

We would love to keep you in the loop with our latest deals, coupon codes, promotions and cashback infomation through our newsletters and app notifications. But right now your email address and mobile phone number are not required while signing up.

Can I unsubscribe from all Price.Club emails

There are two types of email notifications from Price.Club.

a) Marketing promotional newsletters that keep you updated on our latest promotions, deals and cashback information.
b) Cashback transaction notifications or account setting emails that notify you when you perform an action on Price.Club.

Unfortunately, we do not allow users to unsubscribe from the Cashback transaction notification emails due to security reasons. We want to keep users notified on any account activity that may take place.

You would however be able to unsubscribe from the marketing promotional newsletters via the link at the bottom of each email.

How to contact Price.Club

For general information, please send emails to Hello@myPrice.Club. For customer service, please kindly email to our customer service at Customer-Service@myPrice.Club.

For business, please contact Partnership@myPrice.Club.

How do I search for my favorite product

Right now in the beta version, the feature of search is not supported yet. But it will be available very soon.

Where can I see all the available products

To browse for all available products in Price.Club, just click the categories in Home page or scroll down to get recommendations.

The product I saw is no longer available. Why?

Sometimes the data is not synced very well in the beta period. You can try again later or report to us. Trust us when we say we share your loss too.

What can I do to ensure I receive Cashback

To ensure your you receive your Cashback, just remember and follow these tips:

a) Always start your shopping journey from Price.Club app. Click through Price.Club and redirect to the store platform for every purchase you want to make.

b) Do not keep the app in background for a long time and do not kill the app. If the product page displays inside the Price.Club app, please make sure you haven't opened other web pages/links (including search sites, social media, store sites, promotional/discount sites) or web browsers after clicking through Price.Club.

c) Do not click on other advertisement banners or link on the product page when shopping.

d) Disable your Ad Block software. Adblockers will affect the Cashback tracking.

e) Make sure that Price.Club app and the Partner's app is updated to the latest version for app purchases.

f) Do not use Private Browsing window to shop.

g) Always ensure you adhere to our Partner's terms and conditions for Cashback before making purchase.

What is tracking speed

Tracking Speed is the time taken for your Cashback to be reflected in your Price.Club Wallet after making a purchase. In most cases, you will receive it within 48-72 hours. 

What is Claim Time

Claim Time refers to the time duration it takes for your Cashback status to change from 'Pending' to 'Confirmed'.

Do note that Claim Time varies for partner and is subjected to each partner's cancellation, returns, and exchange policies and will typically take up to 7-60 days. This allows for the partners to validate the order and to prevent fraudulent transactions.

How is Cashback calculated

Cashback is calculated based on the Cashback rates displayed on each product page on Price.Club. For example, 10% Cashback on a USD100 spend will equate to USD10.00 Cashback. But, most partners and products will not accept shipping fees or taxes as part of the Cashback earnings.

How can I withdraw my Cashback

In the beta version, you can only withdraw your Cashback via Paypal. You should have a Paypal account to accept the Cashback.

In the near future, we will love to support more local payments and payouts.

Contact Information

For any suggestion or business please 
contact Hello@myPrice.Club

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